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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Network Design

A Wi-Fi design serves as a blueprint for your wireless network.

We take your business’s requirements for Wi-Fi connectivity and turn them into a plan for a high-performing and reliable network.

It’s the translation of your business needs — how many devices need Wi-Fi (capacity) and where they need it (coverage) — into a deployment plan.

We detail how many access points you’ll need, where they need to be installed, and how they should be configured in order to satisfy the demands of your users.

Wireless Survey

Predictive Survey

A desktop-based survey can be used to simulate, model and carry out simulated RF performance predictions of a Wi-Fi network.

A predictive survey may also include time at the facility testing signal propagation with an access point. This allows us to collect data specific to the facility and create an even more accurate design.

Validation Survey

A validation survey is completed after a wireless network has been installed. A validation survey will confirm that the design and installation of your wireless network meets your expectations. It will also identify areas where coverage and connection may be an issue. 

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