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Modern Architecture

Residential WiFi

We specialize in constructing robust wireless networks for homes, ensuring comprehensive coverage indoors and outdoors. Our services include initial design configuration, and optimizing access point performance.

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Access Point Placement

While your Internet provider may provide a wireless modem, these devices are often weak or poorly managed/placed. We can establish a robust wireless network in your home, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage in every corner of the house, including outdoor areas.

Site Review

Our process begins with a review of house plans, followed by an interview and walkthrough to tailor the system to your needs.

Network Maintenance

Beyond the initial network setup, we offer ongoing maintenance services. We ensure the maintenance of your wireless network by regularly updating to the latest stable firmware and monitoring and optimizing access point performance based on radio frequencies in your environment and neighboring networks.


Pricing is based on property complexity, we would be happy to provide you a quote. While we don't handle installations, we collaborate with your contractors to ensure a seamless setup, handling configuration and fine-tuning.

Please share your floor plans, and we will provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

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